From Germany to the World

Abowire is an all in one subscription management software for your european business.
Designed to automate recurring billing, collections, quoting, revenue recognition with banking integration, and subscription metrics.


Bank integration & synchronization

Handle all your banking revenue and online payments in one place! Save time and effort with our Bank Integration.

Multiple Bank Connections

Sync your Abowire account with multiple Bank accounts.

Automated Bank Integration

Revenue is automatically detected and assigned to the right subscriptions through our smart algorithms.

Identification & Labelling

Automated categorization of turnover information. Optimize bookkeeping, payment flows and debtor management.

Real-time Banking solution

Empowers your business and deliver data in an easy and secure way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my data protected by Abowire?

On the one hand, your data will be encrypted individually per user according to the latest SSL standard and stored on German high-security servers. The security of your data is very important to us and is the focus of our daily work at Abowire.

Why should I integrate my bank details at Abowire?

With the banking integration your business revenue will automatically detected and assigned to the right subscription through our smart algorithms. In addition to this, your turnover will be identified without any effort or time consuming, thus it is automatic.

Is my billing data secure?

Abowire works with your payment gateway's secure vault to store your customers' billing information in a PCI-compliant way. We work with your gateway so you don’t have to worry about managing this sensitive information.

Bank Integration

We know that your bank details are sensitive data. That's why it's very important to us that your data is safe! We have developed a detailed security concept that allows us to give you absolute data security. Abowire through finAPI assumes the regulatory requirements of an account information service (KID) or payment initiation service (ZAD) in accordance with the second Payment Service Provider Directive (PSD2) including a provision of a BaFin Licensing ID for authentication at bank servers and compliance with the regulatory requirements. We encrypt your data at the highest level and secure your data only on high-security servers in Germany. Your data is safe with us! In addition, only you can view your data - because the key to your data is only yours.

In which countries can Abowire integrate with your Bank?

Abowire can integrate banks on Germany, Austria,Czech Republic and Slovakia. Up coming countries: Spain, Belgium and France. Additional banks in other countries can be integrated on request.