Scale your B2B subscriptions

Automate your business and never worry about recurring billing ever again.

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Made for B2B startups & small companies

Empower your business

Automate your subscriptions and unleash your growth.

Scale globally

Handle large amounts of subscribers with peace of mind.

We've got you covered

Focus on what you do best, we handle recurring billing for you.

Feel safe

Expert support with billing and payments every step of the way.

B2B Subscription Management

Move faster, go beyond your limits.

Customer Management

Manage your customer data in one place. From billing and payment info to each subscription and invoice they ever had.

Billing terms

Choose when to bill your customers. At the start of the period, end of the month or a specific date.

Contract Management

Choose the right logic for upgrades, downgrades and contract cancellations.

Pro-rata calculations

Choose how to charge your customer when the price changes or the contract ends.

Adjust pay per invoice payments

Manage down and over payments. Create manual payments.

Automate your billing

No need for separate tools, Abowire automatically sends invoices for you at the right time.

Custom invoice layout

Customize your invoices, languages and invoice number.


Generate accounting and transaction reports for your accountants.

Automated emails

Automatically deliver your invoices per email to the right recipients.

Manage your invoice balance

Create credit notes and manual payments.

Match manual bank transfers

Connect your bank account and automatically match incoming transactions to the right invoice.

Smart payment matcher

Match wire-transfers to your invoices.

Automated revenue detection

Revenue is automatically detected and assigned to the right subscriptions.

No payment fees on transactions

Banking transactions are matched in Abowire without any Payment Provider fees.

+6000 Banks across Europe

Connect to more than 6000 banks in 18 countries across Europe.

Experiment with pricing

Try different pricing models, from fixed monthly fees, yearly contracts, cancellations periods to usage-based prices.

Fixed recurring fee

Charge a flat fee every month, year or any period of your choice.


Meter your customer's usage of your resources and charge them by the end of their billing period.

Revenue share

Grow alongside your customers by charging a percentage the revenue made within your app.

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Easy to charge your customers

From wire-transfers, to SEPA Mandates and credit cards, we've got you covered.

We take privacy seriously

Reliable and safe: Highest security standards

Made and hosted in Germany
Encrypted PII
Security by design

Abowire offers an absolute premium service and very fluent communication. We got the top of the top, we couldn’t have done it with any other provider in less than a month!

Uwe Placzek, Digital Innovation Consultant for Handelsblatt Group

Abowire enabled us to offer a smooth subscription service to our customers, speeding up our time to cash, eliminating manual work and improving customer experience in one go.

Marcel Merkx, CEO of CargoSnap

Good looking UI, smooth onboarding. We got our MVP setup ready in just a matter of days. Amazing team!

Mathias Malbit , CEO of Sumin Group

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