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Manage payments and subscriptions in one place

CargoSnap is a worldwide logistics app that helps companies to document the state of cargo and to make error-proof inspections faster. They wanted to manage subscriptions and payment in one place and to offer their customers a mix of payment options, focusing on wire-transfers. They notice that while in some parts of the world a Credit Card is easy used and accepted, that is not the case in all regions and lines of business.

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License Model

Ada Learning, a german B2B company from the E-Learning space and part of the Handelsblatt Group, needed to move away from legacy systems. Users had access to different applications and content, but the user-bases were scattered across multiple systems and there was no single source of truth.

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Subscription support for E-commerce

A small German E-commerce company that sells home appliances wanted to offer monthly and yearly support plans to their customers as subscriptions. Abowire was implemented in their Wordpress website in less than a week.

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Subscriptions digitalization and automations

A German digital company, who offers 3D experiences to business customers wanted to digitalize, automate and increase their subscription offering to more customers around the world. They were working with excel files, an invoicing tool and handling the bank payments manually. To scale their business to sell hundreds of monthly subscriptions they needed to improve these processes. They were looking to match wire-transfers with their customers subscription and use this logic to grant access to their services and to set contract cancellations rules. They had their own software, so most of it was done through API.

Abowire offers an absolute premium service and very fluent communication. We got the top of the top, we couldn’t have done it with any other provider in less than a month!

Uwe Placzek, Digital Innovation Consultant for Handelsblatt Group

Abowire enabled us to offer a smooth subscription service to our customers, speeding up our time to cash, eliminating manual work and improving customer experience in one go.

Marcel Merkx, CEO of CargoSnap

Good looking UI, smooth onboarding. We got our MVP setup ready in just a matter of days. Amazing team!

Mathias Malbit , CEO of Sumin Group

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