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What is a subscription?

A subscription is when customer regularly pays a price for access to a product. Note that the customer does not actually purchase the product, but instead subscribes to a plan and is allowed to use the product for the duration of the subscription period. Subsc... Read More

What is Subscription Management?

Subscription Management are all operations needed to handle the lifecycle of a customer's subscription.In subscription-based pricing models, customers pay a regular fee in exchange for g... Read More

What is a payment method?

A payment method is a way in which a customer can transfer money to a company to pay for products or services. This payment can happen in many forms, such as cash, a wire transfer, a credit card payment, a SEPA Debit, PayPal, just to name a few. The choice of payment m... Read More

What is a payment gateway?

A Payment Gateway is a Payment Service Provider that provides merchants access to a payment network. This money is collected by the provider in the merchant's account and can be payed out at will to a regular bank account.For example, companies like Stripe or Adyen provide acc... Read More