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Case Study


Ada Learning, a german B2B company from the E-Learning space and part of the Handelsblatt Group, needed to move away from legacy systems to move faster.

Users had access to different applications and content, but the user-bases were scattered across multiple systems and there was no single source of truth.

IT struggled for years to improve the situation, but was not able to make it happen.

Due to new business opportunities, they needed to find a scalable solution to this problem once and for all.

Problem? They had only two months.


Over the period of two months, Abowire's hands-on team helped them migrate all their high value B2B customers, centralize their user-base in one place and customize the whole user journey to their brand.

Not only that, they were able to securely connect their applications with Abowire via SSO and were able to automate their user onboarding process from end to end.


On the foundation of Abowire's subscription management platform, they were able to launch and achieve their goals on schedule.

They left their legacy nightmare behind and can now focus on their growth.

Abowire offers an absolute premium service and very fluent communication. We got the top of the top, we couldn’t have done it with any other provider in only two months!

Uwe Placzek, Digital Innovation Consultant for Handelsblatt Group

Abowire was super-intuitive to use from start. A great plus compared to other offers that are very complex and where you need an extra training.

Within the implementation Abowire was very agile to understand our case and customized all features needed to set up our processes (e.g. adding a B2B-Logic to their product).

Johanna Schade, Director Product and Data for Ada Learning

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