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Subscriptions at global scale

B2B License Management for businesses.

Grow your business

Automate your subscriptions processes and reduce technology & operational costs.

License Model

Selling licenses to companies and their employees has never been easier.

Boost your organization

Enable your organization to sell and manage tokens to users.

Tenants Billing

Bill from different companies within your organization. Manage all your tenants in one place.

Increase revenue

Enhance your partners and resellers with the right technology to manage subscriptions.

Abowire was super-intuitive to use from start. A great plus compared to other offers that are very complex and where you need an extra training.

Johanna Schade, Director Product and Data for Ada Learning GmbH

Good looking UI, smooth onboarding. We got our MVP setup ready in just a matter of days. Amazing team!

Mathias Malbit , CEO of Sumin Group

Abowire offers an absolute premium service and very fluent communication. We got the top of the top, we couldn’t have done it with any other provider in less than a month!

Uwe Placzek, Digital Innovation Consultant for Handelsblatt Group

Multi-Tenant Platform

Give companies, partners, departments or organizations their own branded license platform to manage everything in one place.
Offer different type of licenses, tokens and subscriptions to your tenants and customers
White-label checkout, registration, login, emails and customer portal customizations for each organization.

Unify your customer base

Multiple applications, one unified user base

Connect your applications to Abowire and keep all your user and billing information securely in on place.

Subscriptions that grant access

Control what applications your subscribers can access based on their license or token.

Secure your Personally Identifiable Information

Store your Personally Identifiable Information encrypted in Abowire and share with other applications only what you need. Security by design and GDPR compliant!

Subscriptions tailored to you

Unique subscriptions require unique solutions.

We can implement new features and integrations for you
Customize your app, checkout and customer portal
Custom agreements
High Priority Support

Experiment with pricing

Choose from one-time payments, addons, recurring fees, tiered, volume, stairstep, revenue share and any usage-based charges.

Fixed recurring fee

Charge a flat fee every month, year or any period of your choice.


Meter your customer's usage of your resources and charge them by the end of their billing period.

Revenue share

Grow alongside your customers by charging a percentage the revenue made within your app.

We take privacy seriously

PII encrypted
Made in Germany

The power to scale your business

Use our subscription platform to move fast, go beyond your limits

Onboard users right away

Use our hosted registration links in your landing pages, emails, chat, CRM, you name it. Completely white-label.

Multiple Pricing options

Experiment with pricing anytime you want. From fixes monthly fees, usage-based pricing to memberships.

Bring your payment gateway

Use Stripe, Paypal or Adyen to support SEPA Debit, credit cards, wire transfers, etc. Additional payment service providers can be integrated on request.

Connect your bank

Handle your banking revenue and online payments in one place! Save time and effort with our Bank Integration. Connect to more than 6000 banks across Europe. No payment fees on transactions.

Automate EU VAT

Calculate the right EU VAT, collect the required pieces of evidence, send invoices & create EU VAT OSS reports.

Insightful analytics and reporting

The right decisions need the right context. Dig deep into your revenue stream with our easy-to-use dashboards.

Multi-tenancy Accounts

Give companies, partners, departments or organizations their own branded subscription platform.

Get in touch

Talk to our tech and product engineers to find the best solution for you.